The Personal Reconnection

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The Personal Reconnection

This process expands your potential as a human. This two-session process may rapidly put you onto your life course, while also allowing for healing on all levels. 


Following their Reconnection many people report significant, often dramatic life changes, feeling of being rapidly put on their true life course and enhanced and expanded experiences of connectedness and purpose. Of course, healing on all levels is also a part of this process.


Hello Patrice,

 I wanted to take a moment to share with you the amazing benefits that the Reconnection has brought to my life. Ever since you facilitated my Reconnection, everything flows to me naturally. Life is so much easier. I find myself being in the flow – I have more mental clarity, abundance flows freely for me, my stress level at work has significantly reduced, my relationships are better, random people are drawn to me (for good reason), and I find that the Universe continues to shower me with favors! I cannot believe it! There is an awareness of a high vibrational harmony that I can barely put into words. I find that whenever I am radiating this awareness, my days go smoothly. Everything simply falls into place. I am happier. I am in peace. Good things happen without even expecting it. I don’t call it luck. It’s a knowingness that I am deserving of great things in life and that I am in alignment with my full evolutionary potential. I simply enjoy everything life has to offer, and more. Finally, after my Reconnection, I’ve noticed that when I facilitate Reconnective Healing sessions to my clients, there is a much powerful connection that brings my work to its fullness. I feel more energy flowing through! It’s amazing!

Thank you so much for facilitating my Reconnection, and I look forward to learning (and becoming certified) in this work.


Pamela Baizas

In March 2001, I donated a kidney to my mother. Typically, they take the kidney from the left side, but I had two ureters on that side, so they took my kidney from my right side. I was in the recovery room after the kidney operation, and I heard “this is not good…this is not good” – and awoke in the ICU recovery room hours later. When the medical team discovered I was in trouble in the recovery room, they rushed me into emergency surgery to save my life. My body had gone into shock in the recovery room because the artery that connected the kidney to my heart was not clamped, I was hemorraghing, and in trouble. In their rush to save my life, they punctured and collapsed my right lung once or twice – depending on which nurse I talked to. I spent five days in the ICU wing recovering, and was released home after that. During my nine days at home, attempting to recover, it became increasingly more difficult and painful to breathe.

Finally, at day nine they rushed me back to the emergency room, and a chest tube was inserted to drain the blood fluid that had seeped into the lung sac on my right side. I spent four days while the doctors deliberated about what to do – and on day five, they performed a full incision Thoracoscopy, and dissected a portion of my right lung. The doctors said my lung was entrapped preventing me from breathing well. The most invasive surgery proved to be this one. The doctors had to open up the rib cage to access the lung, free it from congealed blood entrapping it, and remove a portion of it. They also removed the floating rib on my right side. Because of the third surgery, I now have scar tissue and nerve damage in my chest area, lower lung/ribcage area, and upper underarm/back where the scar stops. A result of the damage is spasms that I can experience moving into or out of a contracted position when not mindful about my movements, or body-fatigued, or laughing (sigh).

 ….. I work extra-dimensionally using frequencies with dance, but, I didn’t know how to help people heal, so going to the RH training in Sacramento, felt like coming home. [A few months after that training], a bodyworker/chiropractor worked on my ribcage and intercostal area to break up scar tissue, and helped me understand the extensive amount of scar tissue that is in my body, the effect the surgeries had on my muscles and tissues in the areas where I was cut (because of a shortening of those areas as they healed), and the tightness in corollary muscles, cartilage, and tissues and within my body, that is present now. It was then that I actually realized – I needed Reconnective Healing myself. 

During my 2nd reconnective healing session on Tuesday, aside from the notes that you (Patrice) took immediately after to capture what I can no longer recall, what I do remember vividly is “being stretched”. While you worked on me at my feet, I felt a pulling sensation like I was being pulled by my feet. Then I felt the same pulling sensation at my head/crown. Then – a pulling sensation occurred at both my head and my feet. Next, my torso area collapsed lower onto the table (as if a person had sat on me) into a concave position, and I felt a “scooping effect” of my torso. And the word that came to me during this was “spaciousness” – I felt lighter and as if “space” had just been created inside of my torso region. Afterward, at home, as I was lying on the bed, I realized that what I felt during the healing seemed as if I was being stretched to lengthen the areas of my torso that had “been contracted/tightened” after the surgeries, and the scooping sensation was creating “breathing room” where I hadn’t been breathing fully since the surgeries. After realizing this, I began taking the fullest, deepest breaths into the ribs, lungs, kidneys and lower back area that I have been able to take in 12 years – phenomenally different – and just laid there for 30 minutes or longer breathing again, for the first time. And today, after the 2nd of The Reconnection (TR) sessions, as I lay on the bed still immersed in the frequencies, I was lying on my right side, and my adrenals and kidneys felt like “cool, liquid light” was coursing through them (for about 30 minutes, until I turned onto my right side – then normal warmth returned). At the end of both TR sessions, there has also been significant sensitivity for hours in my occiput region, leaving me feeling like my brain has just been reconnected to my spinal cord. Thank you, Patrice – and I will hug a tree to say thank you to the universe for my healing! 

Daphne S.

Since birth, my granddaughter, Madison, had something wrong with her eye – more than just a clogged tear duct. For months we tried many different ointments and natural remedies, and nothing worked. Her doctor said she needed eye surgery and gave her mother the name of an eye surgeon.

I asked my daughter to first let me take her to try Reconnective Healing with Patrice Fistor-Jaehnig, as we had nothing to lose.

After a couple of months Madison went back to the doctor for her checkup. He asked my daughter, “Who did the eye surgery?” She said, “No one did,” she didn’t even take her to see a surgeon. He said that was impossible, surgery was the only option. She told him that her mom took her to see this lady in Windsor who does Reconnective Healing, some type of energy work.  The doctor said that couldn’t work…however, to this day Madison has never had any more eye problems.

C Pedrioli

I feel The Reconnection reconnected me to all the traumatized parts of me I kept repressed.  I felt as if God stepped in and made me consciously aware of them at an emotional, visual and somatic level. I feel as if the mud was wiped away. I have been defragmented and been recalibrated to receive a clear channel of communication from the  source that created me.  I can feel more fully and deeply the stream of love that flows through me. 

Alfred G

A Message from Patrice

A Message from Patrice

I would truly love to share the opportunity for you to attain health and balance on all levels with Reconnective Healing. Changes may happen instantaneously during our healing session or shortly thereafter. Imagine feeling dramatic improvement to your own body, mind, emotions and spirituality. Think of how this can help your loved ones and even your  pets.
I would also be honored to facilitate your two-session Personal Reconnection which assists you in finding  your own life path and can accelerate your evolution to expanded levels of consciousness and well-being.

You will lie comfortably, fully clothed, on a massage table in a beautiful healing room where you can relax and allow the magic to work, as is appropriate for you personally.

Reconnective Healing can also be done by distance, so you may remain in the comfort of your own home, if you wish.

I hope to talk with you very soon!

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