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Author, Speaker, Trainer, Reconnective/Reconnection Practitioner

Patrice Fistor-Jaehnig

Patrice Fistor-Jaehnig

As a Reconnective Healing/Reconnection practitioner I have been personally trained by Dr. Eric Pearl and was honored to become the first Associate Instructor of The Reconnection. I am in awe of this powerful work and feel very honored to have experienced so much personal growth and to have witnessed seemingly miraculous healings quite frequently. I am very experienced and professional, so you can feel confident and at ease, especially if this is your first experience with this type of healing work.

Finding Your Path

During the ’80s and ’90s, I held the high-stress occupation of a court reporter. I also had scoliosis and other health challenges, and, after seeking traditional help,  looked to alternatives.  I experienced  a dramatic healing in 2000 at a Reconnective Healing seminar. Ever since, I have been teaching and facilitating Reconnective Healing and The Personal Reconnection for thousands of people worldwide, helping to awaken them to their full potential for healing and evolution. 

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